Rick Santorum in CNN/Salem GOP Debate

On Families & Children: FactCheck: Yes, ISIS declared fatwa to kill disabled kids

Santorum said, "This week ISIS put out a fatwa on disabled children and killed dozens of them because of their disability. Now, I am the father of a disabled child. I have known the face of evil. And I, if you give me the opportunity, will defeat it."

Could that be literally true? We checked; indeed it is: "ISIS has issued an order to exterminate children with Down syndrome, the Mosul Eye reported. The Sharia Board issued a fatwa to 'kill newborn babies with Down syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children.' The group confirmed more than 38 cases where the terrorist organization executed babies born with disabilities using either lethal injection or suffocation. The victims were ages 1 week to 3 months, and killed in Syria and Mosul. ISIS claimed that children born with Down syndrome came from "foreign fighters" who married Iraqi & Syrian women. The order was issued by the terror group's Saudi judge Abu Said Aljazrawi." (NY Daily News, 12/14, reporting from "The Mosul Eye").

Source: OnTheIssues FactCheck on 2015 CNN/Salem Republican debate Dec 15, 2015

On Foreign Policy: Enemy is a theocracy; so understand their ideology

I'm committed to whatever is necessary to understanding the enemy. The enemy is a theocracy and their allure is their theocracy. It's their doctrine and so we have to understand that doctrine. That's why, I love the fact that people are angry and outraged in Washington and want someone new and fresh. But we need someone who understands and has knowledge and experience in these areas.
Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Homeland Security: Political correctness hinders us from fighting terrorism

Q [to Huckabee]: You said, "not one terrorist plot has been foiled by the NSA's collection of American's phone records." Should we taking away that tool?

HUCKABEE: No. I'm not taking it away, I just want to make sure that everything we use is going to be effective. Let's use every tool, but let's also check out the Facebook posts, let's look at Twitter accounts. My gosh, we were told we couldn't do it because it might invade somebody's privacy.

SANTORUM: I agree with Gov. Huckabee, that we should in fact be looking at people's social media posts. That's just common sense. But we've defunded and tied the hands behind the backs of our intelligence agencies because of political correctness. We're not allowed to ask any questions or really pursue, whether there's any mosque that they're attending that could be spreading Jihadism. But we're not allowed to ask those questions, we're not allowed to pursue to those things because we have a president who denies the reality of the enemy we confront.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Homeland Security: Iranian nuclear deal was worst treaty in US history

SANTORUM: The fact that we have a nuclear treaty with the Shiites in Iran, that we have now partnered with the Russians and appearing to allow Assad to stay, this looks to ISIS like we are now lining up with the Shiite world against the Sunni world. Well, the Shiite world is 15% of the Muslim world. The Sunni world is 85%. We're picking the wrong horse here. Not only is the Iranian deal the greatest betrayal of this country in the history of our country by signing that deal, but secondly, we have now lined up to empower ISIS by partnering with the Shiites.

Gov. George PATAKI: Iran is our enemy. They are the number one sponsor of state terror. The Iranian Deal is a disaster. And by the way, I don't think the next president has to abrogate it. It was never ratified by the Iranians. They have tested long-range ballistic missiles in violation of U.N. resolutions. They have broken the agreement. It is void. They can never have a nuclear weapon and should not get relief.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Homeland Security: Reverse policy on women in military combat roles

Q: The Pentagon recently opened all US military combat positions to women. Would you change the Pentagon's new policy?

SANTORUM: I would use the studies that were done that were ignored by this military that there were certain positions that frankly were not suitable. And they pushed a political agenda above what is in the best interest of the safety, security, and effectiveness of our fighting units.

Q: So, you're saying, yes, you would change the policy back?

SANTORUM: I would change the policy to reflect what is the best interest of the people that we're asking.

Gov. George PATAKI: I completely disagree with Rick. I don't care if you're a man or a woman. I care if you're good and capable of doing the job.

SANTORUM: You agree with me. Because that's exactly what I said.

PATAKI: It's not. You said you would reverse the policy.

SANTORUM: If they can in fact do the job that any other person can do, I will allow them to do so. But if they cannot, I would reverse the policy.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Homeland Security: Make terror watchlist transparent so we know how to get off

I don't think we should be able to deny someone's constitutional rights based on a list kept by the government that nobody knows how they get on it, or how they get off of it. If you're going to make that list public, if you're going to put criteria out there as to how you're going to get on it, if you're going to deny someone's constitutional right, than I think there has to be more transparency.
Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Immigration: Our policy is magnet that says "amnesty"; that has to change

Q [to Sen. Graham]: In 2013 you pushed through comprehensive immigration reform. Many accused you of amnesty. Would you sponsor that bill again today?

GRAHAM: Well, the first thing I would do is make adjustments to reality [of ISIS and terrorism]. I would make changes to that bill in light of what I know today.

SANTORUM: Lindsey says this is a real war, until it comes to immigration. And, then, all of a sudden it's not such a real war. The reality is that we've seen since the events of 9/11, the president talks about how he's worried about discrimination and acts against Muslims. There's four times as many acts of violence against Jews than there are against Muslims. I never hear the president talk about that.

Q: What would you do?

SANTORUM: We've created a magnet. We're attracting people. We have a policy that says amnesty. The world hears this, and knows that if they can come across this border, by and large, they're going to be able to stay. That has to change.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Technology: Bulk metadata collection doesn't violate privacy

This sort of data collection is not collecting people's phones calls, their voices; they're not collecting information that's personal. There's no names attached to these numbers. They're simply numbers and times and relationships with algorithms. In fact, I would make the argument that the more data we can collect that's anonymous, the less we need to impose on people's privacy.
Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On War & Peace: We must take land from ISIS Caliphate, under their own law

Q: You've called for more US troops in Iraq, but you say that sending US troops into Syria would be a mistake?

SANTORUM: ISIS is a caliphate, the first Sunni caliphate since 1924, when Ataturk disbanded the Ottoman Empire. Under Islamic law, good Muslims who see them as a legitimate caliphate are required to follow them. How do we defeat their caliphate? Well, it's very clear in Islamic law how you do so. You take their land. You have to take land back from the caliphate and in the Islamic world that delegitimizes the caliphate. It makes the caliphate unsuccessful. Therefore not blessed by Allah. Therefore, you should not follow it. We need to take back the land in Iraq and we need to use Sunni, not Shiites, not Iranian troops, not Shiite Iraqis, but Sunni Muslims in Iraq and the Kurds, the Peshmerga, and take back Iraqi land. I believe if we did that, you would see ISIS begin to collapse.

GRAHAM: You're not going to win that way, Rick. There's nobody left in Syria to train.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On War & Peace: World War III has begun; let's identify it

This is an important time in our country's history. We have entered World War III. World War III has begun and we have a leader who refuses to identify it and be truthful to the American people to the stakes that are involved, in part, because his policies have led us here. His policies in the Middle East with Iraq create ISIS.
Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

The above quotations are from CNN/Salem Republican Debate
at The Venetian in Las Vegas
Moderated by Wolf Blitzer.
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