Marco Rubio in CNN/Salem GOP Debate

On Homeland Security: Modernize all three legs of the nuclear triad

Q: Of the three legs of the nuclear triad, which is your priority?

TRUMP: For me, nuclear is just the power, the devastation is very important to me.

RUBIO: First, let's explain to people at home what the triad is. The triad is our ability to conduct nuclear attacks using airplanes, using missiles launched from silos, and also from our nuclear subs. All three of them are critical. It gives us the ability at deterrence. Now, some have become more critical than others; for example, the submarines. And that's the Ohio Class submarine that needs to be modernized. The air component also needs to be modernized. The B-52 is an outdated model that was flown by the grandparents of people that are flying it now. And we need a serious modernization program as well on our silo-launched missiles. All three are critical for the defense of the country.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican two-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Immigration: In 2013, refugees were fleeing oppression; not like Syrians

Sen. Ted CRUZ [to Rubio]: One of the most troubling aspects of the Rubio-Schumer Gang of Eight Bill [comprehensive immigration reform of 2013] was that it gave President Obama blanket authority to admit refugees, including Syrian refugees, without mandating any background checks whatsoever. Now we've seen what happened in San Bernardino. When you are letting people in, when the FBI can't vet them, it puts American citizens at risk.

RUBIO: In 2013 we had never faced a crisis like the Syrian refugee crisis now. Up until that point, a refugee meant someone fleeing oppression, fleeing Communism like it is in my community. I think what's important for us to understand and there is a way forward on this issue that we and bring our country together on. And while I'm president I will do it. And it will begin by bringing illegal immigration under control and proving to the American people.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican debate on Syrian Refugees Dec 15, 2015

On Immigration: 2013 lessons: do necessities first; then get to citizenship

Q: You co-authored a bill with Democrats two years ago that allowed a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Do you still support that path to citizenship?

RUBIO: Here's what we learned in 2013. The American people don't trust the Federal Government to enforce our immigration laws, and we will not be able to do anything on immigration until we first prove to the American people that illegal immigration is under control. And we can do that. We know what it takes to do that. It takes at least 20,000 more additional border agents. It takes completing those 700 miles of fencing. It takes a mandatory e-verify system and a mandatory entry/exit tracking system to prevent overstays. After we have done that, the second thing we have to do is reform and modernize the legal immigration system. And after we have done those two things, I think the American people are gonna be reasonable with what do you do with someone who has been in this country for 10 or 12 years.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican two-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Technology: The NSA needs bulk metadata collection to fight terrorism

Q [to Sen. Cruz]: Why did you vote for the USA Freedom Act?

CRUZ: It did two things: #1, it ended the federal government's bulk collection of phone metadata of millions of law-abiding citizens.#2, it strengthened the tools go after terrorists. The prior program only covered a relatively narrow slice of phone calls, primarily land lines. The USA Freedom Act expands that so now we have cell phones, now we have Internet phones.

Q [to Sen. Rubio]: You voted against it. Is Senator Cruz wrong?

RUBIO: He is. Here's the world we live in. This is a radical jihadist group that is increasingly sophisticated in its abilities. We are now at a time when we need more tools, not less tools. And that tool we lost, the metadata program, was a valuable tool that we no longer have at our disposal. This tool allowed the National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies to quickly and rapidly access phone records and match them up with other phone records to see who terrorists have been calling.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican two-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

The above quotations are from CNN/Salem Republican Debate
at The Venetian in Las Vegas
Moderated by Wolf Blitzer.
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