Carly Fiorina in CNN/Salem GOP Debate

On Foreign Policy: Push back against China on trade routes & South China Sea

China is a rising adversary. So one of the things we have to do if we want China's support is to push back on China. They, too, recognize one thing--strength and their own economic interest.

I have done business in China for 25 years, so I know that in order to get China to cooperate with us, we must first actually retaliate against their cyber-attacks so they know we're serious. We have to push back on their desire to control the trade route through the South China Sea through which flows $5 trillion worth of goods and services every year.

We cannot let them control the disputed islands, and we must work with the Australians, the South Koreans, the Japanese and the Filipinos to contain China. And then we must ask for their support and their help with North Korea. Because believe it or not, China is as concerned about Kim Jong-Un as we are.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican two-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Foreign Policy: Get China to help isolate North Korea's Kin Jung Un

Q: Candidates here have called the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un a maniac who is mentally unstable. Last week he said he now has a hydrogen bomb. What would you do about Kim Jong-Un?

FIORINA: Well, first, Kim Jong-Un is a dangerous leader, without a doubt. And both Republican and Democrat administrations have been completely ineffective in dealing with him. So we must continue to isolate him. We will need China as part of that strategy.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican two-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

On Technology: Companies don't need to be forced to provide data; just ask

Q: Companies in Silicon Valley say they won't help the FBI crack encrypted communication from ISIS.

FIORINA: Let's examine what happened, why did we miss the Tsarnaev brothers, why did we miss the San Bernardino couple? It was because, as someone who comes from the technology world, we were using the wrong algorithms. This is a place where the private sector could be helpful because the government is woefully behind the technology curve, and bureaucratic processes are woefully inadequate as well. DHS vets people by going into databases of known or suspected terrorists. And yet, we know that ISIS is recruiting who are not in those databases. So of course, we're going to miss them.

Q: Should these Silicon Valley companies be forced to cooperate with the FBI?

FIORINA: They do not need to be forced. They need to be asked to bring the best and brightest, the most recent technology to the table. I was asked as a CEO. I complied happily. And they will as well. But they have not been asked.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican two-tier debate Dec 15, 2015

The above quotations are from CNN/Salem Republican Debate
at The Venetian in Las Vegas
Moderated by Wolf Blitzer.
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