Chris Christie in CNN 2015 GOP primary debate

On Abortion: I defunded Planned Parenthood in N.J. for 6 years running

CRUZ: Obama says "I will veto any budget that doesn't fund Planned Parenthood," and Republicans surrender.

CHRISTIE: We didn't surrender in New Jersey, 6 years ago, as the brand new first ever pro-life governor of NJ since Roe versus Wade, I defunded Planned Parenthood. And I've vetoed Planned Parenthood funding, now, eight times in NJ. Since the day I walked in as governor, Planned Parenthood has not been funded in NJ. We stood up and every one of those vetoes has been sustained.

Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN Sep 16, 2015

On Drugs: I support medical not recreational marijuana

Q: What about Colorado's marijuana legalization?

CHRISTIE: In New Jersey, we have medical marijuana laws, which I supported and implemented. This [in Colorado] is not medical marijuana. This is recreational use of marijuana. This is much different. I'm not against medical marijuana. We do it in New Jersey. But I'm against the recreational use against marijuana. If he wants to change the federal law, get Congress to pass the law to change it, and get a president to sign it.

PAUL: He doesn't want to make it about medical marijuana, but what if New Jersey's medical marijuana contradicts the federal law? He's saying he'll send the federal government in, and he will enforce the federal law. That's not consistent with the Tenth Amendment. It is not consistent with states' rights. And it is not consistent with the conservative vision for the country.

Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN Sep 16, 2015

On Drugs: Mandatory drug treatment, not jail, for first time dealers

NJ is the first state that says if you are non-violent, non-dealing drug user, that you don't go to jail for your first offense. You go to mandatory treatment. I think you need to be pro-life for more than just the time in the womb. It gets tougher when they get out of the womb. And when they're the 16-year-old drug addict in the Florida county lockup, that life is just as precious as the life in the womb. That's why I'm for rehabilitation, why I think the war on drugs has been a failure.
Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN Sep 16, 2015

On Energy & Oil: Get nuclear power plants back on the table

Look at what we have done in New Jersey. We have already reached our clean air goals for 2020. And when I was governor, I pulled out of the regional cap and trade deal, the only state in the Northeast that did that. And we still reached our goals.

Why? Because 53% of our electricity comes from nuclear. We use natural gas. We use solar power. We're the 3rd-highest-using solar power state. You know why? Because we made all of those things economically feasible.

We shouldn't be destroying our economy in order to chase some wild left-wing idea that somehow us by ourselves is going to fix the climate. We can contribute to that and be economically sound.

We have proven we can do that in New Jersey. Nuclear needs to be back on the table in a significant way in this country if we want to go after this problem.

Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN Sep 16, 2015

On Foreign Policy: I won't deal with or even meet with countries that hate us

I will not shake hands with, I will not meet with, and I will not agree to anything with a country that says death to us and death to Israel and holds our hostages while we sign agreements with them. It will be an America that be strong and resolute, and will once again be able to stick out its chest and say, "we truly are the greatest nation in the world, because we live our lives that way, each and every day."
Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN Sep 16, 2015

On Government Reform: I've vetoed 400 bills with no overrides

Q [to Christie]: Dr. Ben Carson said campaigning is easier for him, because he's not a politician. He can just tell the truth, therefore, while politicians, "Have their finger in the air to see and do what is politically expedient." Is that a fair description of you?

CHRISTIE: Well, I know Ben wasn't talking about me; I'm sure he was talking about one of the other guys, not me. As far as being an outsider is concerned, let me tell you this, I'm a Republican in New Jersey. I wake up every morning as an outsider. I wake up every morning with a Democratic legislature who trying to beat my head in and fight me because I'm trying to bring conservative change to a state that needed it desperately. I vetoed 400 bills from a crazy liberal Democratic legislature, not one of them has been overridden. I've vetoed more tax increases than any governor in American history. What folks want in this country is somebody to go down there and get the job done. And that's exactly what I'll do.

Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN Sep 16, 2015

On Homeland Security: On 9/11, I wondered whether I'd be a single parent

I was named U.S. attorney on September 10th, 2001. That next day my wife went to her office two blocks from the World Trade Center. After those planes hit, for five-and-a-half-hours, I didn't know whether she was dead or alive. I had to confront the idea I might become a single parent. I support what President Bush did, going into Afghanistan, hunting al Qaeda and its leaders. Then he said don't prosecute these people after the crime is committed. Intervene before the crime.
Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN Sep 16, 2015

On Immigration: Secure border with wall & electronics; but no mass deporting

For 15,000 people a day to be deported every day for two years is an undertaking that almost none of us could accomplish. What we need to do is to secure our border, and we need to do it with more than a wall. We need to use electronics, we need to use drones, we need to use FBI, DEA, and ATF, and we need to take the fingerprint of every person who comes into this country on a visa, and when they overstay their visa, we need to tap them on the shoulder, and say, "It's time for you to go.
Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN Sep 16, 2015

On Social Security: Save Social Security for those who need it

Q [to Donald TRUMP]: Chris Christie says billionaires and people who earn far less should no longer get Social Security, or there should be limits based on income.

TRUMP: I'm OK with it. I would be willing to say I will not get Social Security. As a policy, I would leave it up to the people.

CHRISTIE: Social Security's going to go insolvent in seven to eight years. We need to save this program for people who have paid into the system and need it. If that means making sure that folks like Donald and many of us on the stage don't get it, that's the right thing to do. This government doesn't need more money to make Social Security solvent. We need to be not paying benefits to people who don't really need it. We need to protect the people who Social Security means the difference between picking between heat and rent and food.

Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN Sep 16, 2015

The above quotations are from CNN Two-Tier 2015 GOP primary debate
First Tier: Eleven candidates by polls
Second Tier: Four other Republicans
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