Terry Branstad in 2014 Governor's State of the State speeches

On Budget & Economy: Restored Iowa's rainy day and economic emergency funds

Three years ago, like many other states, Iowa faced serious budget challenges. The path to prosperity was grim. Yet the charge to us was clear: restore predictability and stability to the state to get our fiscal house in order.

Working together, we have done just that. We have passed two biennial budgets that restore predictability to the state budget. These are budgets that hard-working Iowa taxpayers can depend on, budgets that work for Iowans by prioritizing education, economic development and job training. Today, Iowa's rainy day and economic emergency funds are full and we are fortunate to have a healthy budget surplus. Iowa is working.

Source: 2014 Iowa State of the State address Jan 14, 2014

On Environment: Fight EPA on biofuel rules; protect agricultural sector

The EPA has proposed reducing the level of biofuels outlined in the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). If this rule is adopted, it would be a devastating setback to the agriculture sector of the Iowa economy.

The proposed rule comes at a time when our state continues to implement new pioneering policies encouraging growth and innovation in the renewable energy sector. We launched the "Fueling Our Future" program last October, which will bring Iowa to the forefront in the use of E30 fuel. This new program is a reflection of the importance of further advancing the renewable fuels industry, and how the RFS is helping to create important Iowa jobs. The RFS has led to a cleaner environment, opened the markets for Iowa corn and soybeans and reduced our nation's dependence on foreign oil. Thousands of Americans are coming together to support the RFS.

We will be holding a public hearing later this month to give Iowans the opportunity to voice their concerns with the EPA's proposal.

Source: 2014 Iowa State of the State address Jan 14, 2014

On Jobs: Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress: investment for jobs

Three years ago, more than 100,000 Iowans were out of work. Jobs were hard to come by and investment in our state was inadequate. We refocused our economic development efforts by changing our approach. Together, we created the Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress. This public-private partnership is reaping dividends for our economy with more investments and more jobs for Iowans. In the last three years, Iowa has seen $7.5 billion in new capital investment, and I am pleased to report that since taking office, over 130,000 new jobs have been created in this state.

Perhaps the best example of our state's turnaround and of our policies working for middle-class families is seen in Lee County, which had the highest unemployment rate in the state when I took office in 2011. Iowans in Lee County are getting back to work, thanks in part to the largest on-shore purchase of wind turbines in history and a world-class fertilizer plant bringing much needed jobs and investment to the area.

Source: 2014 Iowa State of the State address Jan 14, 2014

On Principles & Values: The Iowa Dream: working hard; working together

A sense of community and collaboration defines us as Iowans. As we've demonstrated before, we should again attack our problems with the same common sense and seriousness as Iowans across our state:To me, this is the Iowa Dream. That dream of opportunity and prosperity which can become a reality for every Iowan willing to work for it. The seeds of that dream have been planted with our work over the past three years. But now we must cultivate that dream of opportunity--of a great job and a great place to raise a family--so that it can grow and flourish. The simple truth is we Iowans are a people of faith, of tenacity who each year plant the seeds of our livelihood with the devout belief that with hard work and the grace of God we will reap a bountiful harvest.
Source: 2014 Iowa State of the State address Jan 14, 2014

On Technology: Connect Every Iowan Act: broadband to under-served areas

In September, I announced our initiative to Connect Every Iowan, with the goal of making Iowa the Most Connected State in the Midwest. I charged the STEM Advisory Council's Broadband Committee with developing recommendations for our consideration. Today, I propose The Connect Every Iowan Act, with incentives to encourage access, adoption and use of broadband technology by businesses and individuals.

My plan includes programs that will train workers for 21st century careers in information and communications technology. My plan also calls for moving to ICN 2.0, repurposing the Iowa Communications Network so it can partner with the private sector to provide connectivity in underserved areas of our state. Together, we can use broadband technology to grow the Iowa Dream throughout our state, especially in rural areas. As our connection speeds increase, so does the pace of our economic progress, so does our ability to grow jobs, and so does our ability to turn the Iowa Dream into reality

Source: 2014 Iowa State of the State address Jan 14, 2014

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