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On Abortion: A woman should have the final say over her medical affairs

Joe is a strong and unwavering advocate of equality and fairness for women. He believes that a woman should have the final say over her medical affairs.

Planned Parenthood and similar organizations offer services which are indispensable for women, including cancer screenings, disease testing and treatment, and contraception services. We must stop the attacks on those dedicated to providing affordable access to healthcare for women. Joe strongly supports the President's Affordable Care Act, which contains many provisions that benefit women, such as the assured coverage of maternity services and access to free contraception, which are not currently required to be covered by private health insurers. Free and affordable access to contraceptive services reduces the number of unintended pregnancies.

Source: 2012 House campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 6, 2012

On Civil Rights: Supports fair pay legislation

Joe believes it is striking that we still live in a society where a woman can be paid less than a man for equal work and responsibilities. As a private citizen and an activist, he has supported fair pay legislation in the past, including the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act signed into law by President Obama, which enables women to hold their employers accountable for discrimination.

During these times of economic hardship, it is equally important for women to have access to better jobs in diverse fields. Joe will fight to expand programs which offer training and support to women that will encourage and enable them to move into traditionally male-dominated areas of work.

Source: 2012 House campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 6, 2012

On Civil Rights: Supports equal marriage rights

Joe believes that all Americans should have equal rights regardless of race, creed, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. He supports the President's position on equal marriage rights.

As a leader on this issue and in the community, Joe openly called for the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and has long supported the Employee Non-Discrimination Act. Joe strongly opposes and would vote to repeal discriminatory legislation like the Defense of Marriage Act.

Source: 2012 House campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 6, 2012

On Education: Give all an opportunity to receive quality public education

With a daughter in the public school system, Joe understands the importance and value of a good education. He graduated from our local schools, and his brother and sister-in-law are both public school teachers.

Every American should have the opportunity to receive a quality public education from pre-K through university at a cost that isn't restrictive. We must also preserve and improve on the quality of education and of our teachers by funding our schools better, including construction for smaller class sizes, and fully funding Title I and the Individuals with Disabilities Act.

It is also important to focus on what we are teaching our kids: it is imperative that we prepare our children for their future, not for a specific test. We need accountability and innovation, but penalizing teachers is not the solution. In 2010, Joe stood with teachers and students to oppose Florida Senate Bill 6, the worst anti-teacher piece of legislation in our state's history.

Source: 2012 House campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 6, 2012

On Energy & Oil: Opposes offshore drilling; protect the Keys & the workers

Joe opposes drilling off our beautiful coastlines and endangering sea life, habitats, and putting at economic risk the communities whose economies depend on and benefit from pristine beaches and tourism. The Keys are especially dependent on the fishing and tourism industries, and must be protected from corporate interests that wish to drill just miles offshore. We have seen what can happen as the result of a massive oil spill in the Gulf, the consequences of which are still affecting hotels, restaurant owners, and workers along the Panhandle. We should learn from that by regulating deep-oil drilling and ensuring the safety of workers and the machinery being used so that such a spill will never happen again.
Source: 2012 House campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 6, 2012

On Foreign Policy: Advocate for release of all political prisoners in Cuba

Joe has been an advocate for the unconditional release of all political prisoners in Cuba with no exceptions. He will strive to get rid of bans that prevent people-to-people humanitarian aid from assisting the families of dissidents and political prisoners on the island.
Source: 2012 House campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 6, 2012

On Free Trade: Campaigned for the Colombian Free Trade Agreement

Joe supports a strategy that emphasizes the promotion of human rights, economic prosperity, and tough measures against drug trafficking and terrorism throughout the Americas.

He actively campaigned for the Colombian Free Trade Agreement, because it will create jobs in South Florida, and strengthen and diversify our economy.

Source: 2012 House campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 6, 2012

On Health Care: Supports ObamaCare & an affordable healthcare system

A strong, affordable healthcare system is crucial for the well-being of the American people. Joe supports the president's Affordable Healthcare Act which provides tens of millions of Americans to have access to healthcare. There are many benefits in this legislation, including eliminating the negative effects of pre-existing conditions on eligibility, allowing children and young adults to stay on their parent's healthcare until age 26, increasing rebates on prescription medicine, and requiring insurers to spend 85% of their money on providing actual care.

The Affordable Care Act also includes provisions that prohibit lifetime limits on care. The new law will also help small businesses, thanks to provisions included that give incentives and funding to small businesses to enact the legislation without significant financial stress to their companies or employee salaries and wages.

Source: 2012 House campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 6, 2012

On Social Security: Opposes any effort to privatize Social Security

Social Security is an essential source of income for seniors in South Florida and for millions throughout the nation. As a result of the economic, many more seniors have found themselves living from check to check, as retirement funds have been hit by the financial crisis. In fact, 10% of seniors today live in poverty. Joe strongly believes that the financial stability of our seniors and other beneficiaries should not depend on the constant fluctuation of financial markets. Joe opposes any effort to privatize Social Security. Social Security is a right, not a privilege. As your congressman, Joe will fight to ensure that Social Security will continue to work for all Americans.
Source: 2012 House campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 6, 2012

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