Brian Sandoval in 2011 Governor's State of the State speeches

On Energy & Oil: Access federal land to make NV renewable energy capitol

The Nevada Vision Stakeholders Group recognized that our state's geography and economic development are intertwined and recommended that Nevada secure better access to federal land for renewable energy production and transmission projects. I support all efforts to make Nevada the renewable energy capital of the country. Finally, we need to improve ground connections by linking to Phoenix via I-11 and to Southern California via high-speed rail. Both are critical for transportation and tourism.
Source: 2011 Nevada State of the State Address Jan 24, 2011

On Government Reform: Sunset all 180 licensing & advisory boards by 2013

Public Corruption--Created The Unit That Prosecutes ThemElected officials must actively work to protect the trust placed in us by citizens. As Attorney General, I set up the first public integrity unit to investigate and prosecute officials who violated the public trust and I am committed to restoring honesty and integrity to state government. Legislature this year. We articulate not only what level of priority each program or service carries, but the performance measures by which it will be judged. In the coming biennium, this initiative will expand to include public participation through websites and other tools as we ask Nevadans to further rank spending priorities. Even more robust performance indicators will therefore be established.
Source: 2011 Nevada State of the State Address Jan 24, 2011

On Jobs: $10M for deals via Nevada Jobs Unlimited

Nevada Jobs Unlimited will pursue strategies that grow jobs within existing Nevada businesses, as well as recruit companies from out-of-state. But we will do so with a new sense of urgency, coordination, and accountability. Collaboration and tighter performance indicators will be the metrics of this new system. We are also proposing a $10 million Catalyst Fund to provide much-needed resources to close deals, finance infrastructure, and spur the growth of new jobs. The Fund will be continued in futur budgets only if it delivers the kind of success we expect. Our proposal builds upon the foundation laid by the New Nevada Task Force, which has provided new ideas for the future of our state's economic development activities. Our future lies in business sectors like technology commercialization, bioscience, renewable energy development, and defense sector expansion. Innovation will drive tomorrow's economy, and so it must drive our decision-making as we rebuild our economic development infrastructure.
Source: 2011 Nevada State of the State Address Jan 24, 2011

On Local Issues: Make Nevada "the" place for gaming innovation

Since I completed my term as chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, the gaming entertainment industry has expanded to new states and many new corners of the world. Competitive forces demand a new approach from our regulatory infrastructure. In an increasingly competitive and global economy, Nevada will be "the" place for gaming innovation. Nevada started this industry. We shaped its development, and we must remain the undisputed leader in the gaming economy. Twenty-first century demands mandate that we provide a flexible environment for the technological resources that are the underpinning of modern gaming devices. I have asked the leadership of our regulatory bodies to begin immediately to process statutory and regulatory changes that sensibly reflect the modernization of the industry.
Source: 2011 Nevada State of the State Address Jan 24, 2011

On Technology: Drive investment in broadband technology

We must continue to drive investment in broadband technology that fast-tracks job growth and provides a platform for spurring innovation across our state. My budget includes $3 million to help residents of rural Nevada use broadband access to start and grow businesses, or telecommute to anywhere in the world. These improved broadband connections will also allow the electronic exchange of health information between providers and hospitals to improve the quality of care.
Source: 2011 Nevada State of the State Address Jan 24, 2011

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