Chuck Grassley in 2010 IA Senate Debates

On Principles & Values: My re-election ensures Iowa is not denied Senate seniority

Conlin repeatedly returned to her theme that voters don't trust Washington, saying the Republican senator offers only "more of the same."

"Senator Grassley's plans are simply more of the same plans that plunged our economy into this crisis, that punished the middle class and exploded the deficit," Conlin said. "I have new plans and fresh ideas," Conlin said. "I'm not attacking him personally; I'm asking him to defend his record."

Grassley countered by touting his experience, saying he has a powerful role in the Senate that benefits the state. "I don't think Iowa should be denied seniority in the United States Senate," said Grassley. "I don't think a person from Iowa should be asked to leave when people from other states aren't leaving."

Source: Chicago Tribune coverage of 2010 Iowa Senate debate Oct 26, 2010

On Civil Rights: Wait for DoD report before considering Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell

Conlin promises she'd vote to repeal two federal policies that she argues infringe upon the rights of gay Americans. "[Grassley] wants members of the LGBT community to be second-class citizens," Conlin said. Conlin vowed: "If you send me to Washington, I will fight to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'; I will fight to repeal DOMA and I will fight to end discrimination in employment." DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, says no state is required to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state.

As for th military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, Grassley argues Congress should wait for a Defense Department study before voting to end it. "I think that congress ought to have that information before we vote," Grassley said. "And so I'm going to wait until that study comes out at the end of the year because I don't want to do anything with a program that has worked good for 18 years and has allowed the military to carry out its mission to make it more difficult for a combat organization to do its mission."

Source: Radio Iowa coverage of 2010 Iowa Senate Debate Oct 19, 2010

On Energy & Oil: Biodiesel is not controversial, unlike ethanol

Both candidates stressed the importance of renewable energy in Iowa and focused on biodiesel and the soon-to-expire tax credit.

"There's not controversy about biodiesel," Grassley said, saying that nearly everyone sees its value, unlike ethanol.

Conlin mentioned that Grassley voted against bills that would have provided for an extended tax credit. The credit was attached to a bill for unemployment workers. "So concerned was Sen. Grassley about not helping those out of work that he voted against the biodiesel tax credit," she said.

Grassley said a number of provisions regarding the tax issues [extending the biodiesel credit] would pass easily, perhaps even unanimously, if they were standalone bills. However, attaching them to other bills makes them bad pieces of legislation.

Source: Times-Republican coverage of 2010 Iowa Senate debate Aug 29, 2010

On Health Care: Medicare has more drugs by not negotiating prices like VA

Conlin also attacked Grassley for his stance on prescription drugs and not leading Medicare bargain for better prices, the way the Veterans Administration does. Conlin said some drugs offered by the VA are 90% cheaper than those offered by Medicare, for the same exact product.

Grassley said there was a tradeoff. Medicare has access to a greater variety of drugs because it doesn't negotiate. "The CBO [Congressional Budget Office] says it won't save any money if you have the negotiations," he said.

Source: Times-Republican coverage of 2010 Iowa Senate debate Aug 29, 2010

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