Russell Feingold in 2008 Speculation

On Principles & Values: Launched presidential PAC, the Progressive Patriots Fund

There is talk of Feingold seeking the Democratic Party’s Presidential or Vice-Presidential nomination in 2008. In late January 2005, Feingold said that he intended to travel around the country before deciding whether or not to run in 2008. In March 2005, his senate campaign registered the domain; Feingold will not face reelection to the Senate until the 2010 election. On June 1, 2005, Feingold launched a political action committee, the Progressive Patriots Fund. Launching a PAC is seen as an important step in running for President.

Although Feingold usually receives support in the single digits in opinion polls featuring various potential Democratic presidential candidates, he remains highly popular among Democratic grassroots activists. Many of Feingold’s supporters blame his low results in scientific polling on poor name recognition. Feingold has consistently polled ahead of other potential Democratic presidential candidates who haven’t run a national race before.

Source: 2008 speculation in Wikipedia, “Possible Presidential run” Jun 25, 2006

On Principles & Values: Declines congressional pay raise

Russell Feingold, who accepted his first pay raise since 1999 last year, is returning this year’s pay raise. Feingold has a policy of accepting pay raises only at the beginning of his Senate term. So he saw a big jump in salary in 2005, from $136,700 to $162,100. But that increase is going to have to tide him over for a while. Feingold is accepting that same salary this year, while fellow lawmakers are making $165,200. Feingold is returning the difference to the Treasury Department.

Feingold and other members of the Wisconsin congressional delegation agreed to make their annual financial disclosure forms available to The Associated Press, ahead of next month’s official release by Congress. By his own rules, Feingold’s next salary increase won’t happen until 2011, should he win a fourth term to the Senate - unless he takes a higher-paying job in the meantime. Feingold is considering a run for the presidency in 2008.

Source: 2008 speculation: F. Frommer, AP, in Janesville (WI) Gazette May 19, 2006

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