Mark Warner in 2008 Speculation

On War & Peace: On Hezbollah soldier abductions: “Stands with Israel”

The violence between Israel and Lebanon topped the agenda of US and world leaders gathered in St. Petersburg, Russia, for the G8 summit. Reactions within the US political system were largely supportive of Israel’s actions in Lebanon. Former Virginia governor Mark Warner, a possible Democratic Party candidate for the presidency in 2008, said he “stands with Israel” in calling for the immediate release of the soldiers.
Source: 2008 Speculation by Nathan Gutman in Jerusalem Post Jul 16, 2006

On Principles & Values: Term-limited as governor in 2008

Warner is considered to be a potential Presidential candidate in 2008, as Virginia’s laws limited him to a single consecutive term in office. Warner has been regarded by some Democrats as a Clinton-like figure around whom the party could rally in the 2008 election. His business experience, Southern base, fundraising connections within high-tech and venture capital circles, and record of working with black leaders add up to what some see as an attractive political r‚sum‚.

Having served only one term as an elected official, however, some believe that Warner may be considered too inexperienced to move to the Presidency; the same point was raised about John Edwards’ one Senate term. But others maintain that his challenge would be no different than that of then Governor Clinton in 1992 who nevertheless was successful in capturing the White House.

Source: 2008 speculation in Wikipedia, “Future political career” Jun 25, 2006

On Principles & Values: We can’t win presidency in only 16 blue states

Many Democratic candidates in marginal and Republican leaning states across the country, but especially in the South, are fearful of a repeat of the 2000 and 2004 election results. Governor Warner himself has made frequent references to these sentiments with a not so thinly veiled warning to the Democratic party about nominating candidates for national office “that are only expected to win 16 blue states and then hope to win Ohio or Florida”. Democratic nominees have been unable to break into a perceive Republican lock of red states throughout middle America. Some political analysts maintain that the Democratic nominee will never win the White House unless he or she significantly expands Democratic winning margins into present day Republican territory. Some believe Governor Warner’s message is intended to highlight the perceived weakness in some of his potential 2008 liberal primary competitors, who many fear could easily win the Democratic Presidential primary but fail to win the general election.
Source: 2008 speculation in Wikipedia, “Future political career” Jun 25, 2006

On Budget & Economy: Popularity based on credit for saving state’s finances

Mark Warner is a rare sight in American politics - a popular Southern Democrat. Having left office with an over 70 percent approval rating, Warner can do something no other politician can do: hand the Democrats the Commonwealth of Virginia. Even if the Republicans run Sen. George Allen, it is doubtful Virginians will forget who saved their state’s finances. On top of that, Warner is a very articulate speaker, has business connections available to few if any other Democrats and is not afraid to utilize his personal fortune for his campaign. Since finishing his tenure as governor, Warner has been flying around the country trying to drum up support for his candidacy and elicit campaign donations. However, Warner has no foreign policy experience. With security concerns and the Iraq War topping voters’ priorities in the 2004 elections, it is highly doubtful that a one-term governor can look tough on terror. This makes Warner the ideal vice-presidential candidate.
Source: 2008 speculation: Josh Levy, Cavalier Daily (U.Va) Apr 28, 2006

The above quotations are from Speculation about the 2008 Presidential race.
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