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AmericansElect coverage: Political Leaders on the Issues
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Political Coverage for AmericansElect:


2011-12 Presidential Contenders

Mitt Romney, Massachusetts GovernorMitt Romney AmericansElect QuizMitt Romney VoteMatch Quiz
Barack Obama, PresidentBarack Obama AmericansElect QuizBarack Obama VoteMatch Quiz
Joe Biden, Vice PresidentJoe Biden AmericansElect QuizJoe Biden VoteMatch Quiz
Virgil Goode, Constitution Party NomineeVirgil Goode AmericansElect QuizVirgil Goode VoteMatch Quiz
Jill Stein, Green Party NomineeJill Stein AmericansElect QuizJill Stein VoteMatch Quiz
Rocky Anderson, Justice Party NomineeRocky Anderson AmericansElect QuizRocky Anderson VoteMatch Quiz
Gary Johnson, New Mexico GovernorGary Johnson AmericansElect QuizGary Johnson VoteMatch Quiz
JL Mealer, Independent CandidateJL Mealer AmericansElect QuizJL Mealer VoteMatch Quiz
Buddy Roemer, Louisiana GovernorBuddy Roemer AmericansElect QuizBuddy Roemer VoteMatch Quiz

Michele Bachmann, Minnesota RepresentativeMichele Bachmann AmericansElect QuizMichele Bachmann VoteMatch Quiz
Herman Cain, Radio PersonalityHerman Cain AmericansElect QuizHerman Cain VoteMatch Quiz
Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the HouseNewt Gingrich AmericansElect QuizNewt Gingrich VoteMatch Quiz
Jon Huntsman, Utah GovernorJon Huntsman AmericansElect QuizJon Huntsman VoteMatch Quiz
Thad McCotter, Michigan RepresentativeThad McCotter AmericansElect QuizThad McCotter VoteMatch Quiz
Ron Paul, Texas RepresentativeRon Paul AmericansElect QuizRon Paul VoteMatch Quiz
Rick Perry, Texas GovernorRick Perry AmericansElect QuizRick Perry VoteMatch Quiz
Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania SenatorRick Santorum AmericansElect QuizRick Santorum VoteMatch Quiz

Past Presidents

John F. Kennedy, President 1961-1963John F. Kennedy AmericansElect QuizJohn F. Kennedy VoteMatch Quiz
Lyndon Johnson, President 1963-1969Lyndon Johnson AmericansElect QuizLyndon Johnson VoteMatch Quiz
Richard Nixon, President 1969-1974Richard Nixon AmericansElect QuizRichard Nixon VoteMatch Quiz
Gerald Ford, President 1974-1977Gerald Ford AmericansElect QuizGerald Ford VoteMatch Quiz
Jimmy Carter, President 1977-1981Jimmy Carter AmericansElect QuizJimmy Carter VoteMatch Quiz
Ronald Reagan, President 1981-1989Ronald Reagan AmericansElect QuizRonald Reagan VoteMatch Quiz
George Bush Sr., President 1989-1993George Bush Sr. AmericansElect QuizGeorge Bush Sr. VoteMatch Quiz
Bill Clinton, President 1993-2001Bill Clinton AmericansElect QuizBill Clinton VoteMatch Quiz
George W. Bush, President 2001-2009George W. Bush AmericansElect QuizGeorge W. Bush VoteMatch Quiz
Dan Quayle, Vice President 1989-1993Dan Quayle AmericansElect QuizDan Quayle VoteMatch Quiz
Al Gore, Vice President 1993-2001Al Gore AmericansElect QuizAl Gore VoteMatch Quiz
Dick Cheney, Vice President 2001-2009Dick Cheney AmericansElect QuizDick Cheney VoteMatch Quiz

Big City Mayors

Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of New York CityMike Bloomberg AmericansElect QuizMike Bloomberg VoteMatch Quiz
Cory Booker, Mayor of NewarkCory Booker AmericansElect QuizCory Booker VoteMatch Quiz
Julian Castro, Mayor of San AntonioJulian Castro AmericansElect QuizJulian Castro VoteMatch Quiz
Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of ChicagoRahm Emanuel AmericansElect QuizRahm Emanuel VoteMatch Quiz
Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor of NYCRudy Giuliani AmericansElect QuizRudy Giuliani VoteMatch Quiz
Phil Gordon, Mayor of PhoenixPhil Gordon AmericansElect QuizPhil Gordon VoteMatch Quiz
Tom Menino, Mayor of BostonTom Menino AmericansElect QuizTom Menino VoteMatch Quiz
Michael Nutter, Mayor of PhiladelphiaMichael Nutter AmericansElect QuizMichael Nutter VoteMatch Quiz
Annise Parker, Mayor of HoustonAnnise Parker AmericansElect QuizAnnise Parker VoteMatch Quiz
Mike Rawlings, Mayor of DallasMike Rawlings AmericansElect QuizMike Rawlings VoteMatch Quiz
Jerry Sanders, Mayor of San DiegoJerry Sanders AmericansElect QuizJerry Sanders VoteMatch Quiz
Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los AngelesAntonio Villaraigosa AmericansElect QuizAntonio Villaraigosa VoteMatch Quiz

Cabinet Members

Spencer Abraham, Secretary of EnergySpencer Abraham AmericansElect QuizSpencer Abraham VoteMatch Quiz
John Ashcroft, Attorney GeneralJohn Ashcroft AmericansElect QuizJohn Ashcroft VoteMatch Quiz
Hillary Clinton, Secretary of StateHillary Clinton AmericansElect QuizHillary Clinton VoteMatch Quiz
Elizabeth Dole, Secretary of TransportationElizabeth Dole AmericansElect QuizElizabeth Dole VoteMatch Quiz
Asa Hutchinson, Adminitrator of D.E.A.Asa Hutchinson AmericansElect QuizAsa Hutchinson VoteMatch Quiz
Mike Johanns, Secretary of AgricultureMike Johanns AmericansElect QuizMike Johanns VoteMatch Quiz
Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary of InteriorDirk Kempthorne AmericansElect QuizDirk Kempthorne VoteMatch Quiz
Ray LaHood, Secretary of TransportationRay LaHood AmericansElect QuizRay LaHood VoteMatch Quiz
Mel Martinez, Secretary of H.U.D.Mel Martinez AmericansElect QuizMel Martinez VoteMatch Quiz
Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland SecurityJanet Napolitano AmericansElect QuizJanet Napolitano VoteMatch Quiz
Colin Powell, Secretary of StateColin Powell AmericansElect QuizColin Powell VoteMatch Quiz
Robert Reich, Secretary of LaborRobert Reich AmericansElect QuizRobert Reich VoteMatch Quiz
Janet Reno, Attorney GeneralJanet Reno AmericansElect QuizJanet Reno VoteMatch Quiz
Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of StateCondoleezza Rice AmericansElect QuizCondoleezza Rice VoteMatch Quiz
Bill Richardson, Secretary of EnergyBill Richardson AmericansElect QuizBill Richardson VoteMatch Quiz
Tom Ridge, Secretary of Homeland SecurityTom Ridge AmericansElect QuizTom Ridge VoteMatch Quiz
Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of DefenseDonald Rumsfeld AmericansElect QuizDonald Rumsfeld VoteMatch Quiz
Ken Salazar, Secretary of InteriorKen Salazar AmericansElect QuizKen Salazar VoteMatch Quiz
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human ServicesKathleen Sebelius AmericansElect QuizKathleen Sebelius VoteMatch Quiz
Hilda Solis, Secretary of LaborHilda Solis AmericansElect QuizHilda Solis VoteMatch Quiz
Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human ServicesTommy Thompson AmericansElect QuizTommy Thompson VoteMatch Quiz
Tom Vilsack, Secretary of AgricultureTom Vilsack AmericansElect QuizTom Vilsack VoteMatch Quiz
David Walker, Former Comptroller GeneralDavid Walker AmericansElect QuizDavid Walker VoteMatch Quiz
Christie Todd Whitman, Adminitrator of EPAChristie Todd Whitman AmericansElect QuizChristie Todd Whitman VoteMatch Quiz

Opinion Leaders

George Allen, Former SenatorGeorge Allen AmericansElect QuizGeorge Allen VoteMatch Quiz
Bill Bradley, Former Presidential CandidateBill Bradley AmericansElect QuizBill Bradley VoteMatch Quiz
Pat Buchanan, Former Presidential CandidatePat Buchanan AmericansElect QuizPat Buchanan VoteMatch Quiz
Jeb Bush, Former Florida GovernorJeb Bush AmericansElect QuizJeb Bush VoteMatch Quiz
Noam Chomsky, AuthorNoam Chomsky AmericansElect QuizNoam Chomsky VoteMatch Quiz
Pete Coors, Former California Gubernatorial CandidatePete Coors AmericansElect QuizPete Coors VoteMatch Quiz
Howard Dean, Former Vermont GovernorHoward Dean AmericansElect QuizHoward Dean VoteMatch Quiz
Bob Dole, Former SenatorBob Dole AmericansElect QuizBob Dole VoteMatch Quiz
Russell Feingold, Former SenatorRussell Feingold AmericansElect QuizRussell Feingold VoteMatch Quiz
Steve Forbes, Former Presidential CandidateSteve Forbes AmericansElect QuizSteve Forbes VoteMatch Quiz
Bill Frist, Former SenatorBill Frist AmericansElect QuizBill Frist VoteMatch Quiz
Mike Huckabee, Former Arkansas GovernorMike Huckabee AmericansElect QuizMike Huckabee VoteMatch Quiz
Arianna Huffington, Former California Gubernatorial CandidateArianna Huffington AmericansElect QuizArianna Huffington VoteMatch Quiz
Rev. Jesse Jackson, Former Presidential CandidateRev. Jesse Jackson AmericansElect QuizRev. Jesse Jackson VoteMatch Quiz
Jim Jeffords, Former SenatorJim Jeffords AmericansElect QuizJim Jeffords VoteMatch Quiz
Ted Kennedy, Former SenatorTed Kennedy AmericansElect QuizTed Kennedy VoteMatch Quiz
Alan Keyes, Former Presidential CandidateAlan Keyes AmericansElect QuizAlan Keyes VoteMatch Quiz
Rush Limbaugh, Radio Talk Show HostRush Limbaugh AmericansElect QuizRush Limbaugh VoteMatch Quiz
Ralph Nader, Former Presidential CandidateRalph Nader AmericansElect QuizRalph Nader VoteMatch Quiz
Sarah Palin, Former Vice-Presidential CandidateSarah Palin AmericansElect QuizSarah Palin VoteMatch Quiz
Tim Pawlenty, Former Minnesota GovernorTim Pawlenty AmericansElect QuizTim Pawlenty VoteMatch Quiz
Ross Perot, Former Presidential CandidateRoss Perot AmericansElect QuizRoss Perot VoteMatch Quiz
Howard Schultz, CEO of StarbucksHoward Schultz AmericansElect QuizHoward Schultz VoteMatch Quiz
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former California GovernorArnold Schwarzenegger AmericansElect QuizArnold Schwarzenegger VoteMatch Quiz
Donald Trump, Former Presidential CandidateDonald Trump AmericansElect QuizDonald Trump VoteMatch Quiz
Jesse Ventura, Former Minnesota GovernorJesse Ventura AmericansElect QuizJesse Ventura VoteMatch Quiz
Mark Warner, Former SenatorMark Warner AmericansElect QuizMark Warner VoteMatch Quiz


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