John Cox on Free Trade

Republican Party Chair, Cook County (IL)


Trade is a weapon of peace

Trade is also a weapon of peace. You know, you’re not going to bomb your most important customer. You’re not going to invade your most important supplier. So we’ve got to make sure that we increase trade around the world, but we also have to make sure we retain our national sovereignty.
Source: 2007 GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate , Sep 17, 2007

Never surrender the sovereignty of the United States

Q: Will you abolish all plans to promote economic integration of the North American Union?

A: I will never surrender the sovereignty of the United States. We absolutely have to secure the borders. We have to address the illegal immigration problem. We have to do it by putting some CEOs in jail. We have got to start enforcing the law against employing illegal aliens. That’s going to solve the problem. But we have to also make sure that we have trade with other countries. So, I’m not interested in giving up our sovereignty, but I am interested in opening up channels of trade, because, you know what, we benefit when we sell Microsoft software and we sell cell phones made by Motorola around the world.

Source: 2007 GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate , Sep 17, 2007

Trade sanctions on Saudi Arabia for persecuting Christians

Q: Today, Christians are being beaten, jailed, and expelled throughout the Muslim world. In Saudi Arabia, no church buildings are permitted, yet Saudi extremist Wahhabis have built hundreds of mosques in the US with funding from Saudi Arabia. If elected, will you take action to protest these gross injustices and persecution by denying visas or imposing trade sanctions?
Source: [Xref Hunter] 2007 GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate , Sep 17, 2007

China trade contingent on human rights & product safety

Q: Sarah Lu was forced to work in labor camps for six years, for the crime of being a Christian house church leader. Thousands of prisoners of conscience are forced to manufacture items that stock our American shelves. Would you make future trade with China contingent on them measurably improving their record on religious freedom & human rights?
Source: [Xref Paul] 2007 GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate , Sep 17, 2007

No NAFTA Superhighway from Canada to Mexico

Q: As president, do you support the NAFTA “Superhighway” presently under construction from Mexico to Canada, portions of which shall be under foreign control?
Source: [Xref Hunter] 2007 GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate , Sep 17, 2007

I support free but fair trade policies

I support free but fair trade policies. As the world’s largest economy, we must exercise our tremendous economic power to force our trading partners to open their markets to our goods and services. American business needs a level playing field with vast improvements necessary in our tax and regulatory systems. When Americans have that fair playing field, we can and will compete with anyone in the world.
Source: 2008 Presidential website, cox2008.com , Jul 2, 2007

End discrimination against domestic manufacturers

Q: American companies are relying on cheap labor overseas in an effort to reduce costs and increase profits. Do you believe this is a problem?

A: The flight of manufacturing from the US has significantly weakened our economy and our standing for the future. We cannot stop other countries from growing but we can change our own policies to keep business here. The FAIR tax would end discrimination against domestic manufacturers. Regulation also needs to be streamlined for the US to stay competitive.

Q: Should American companies be legislatively punished for outsourcing labor to overseas nations?

A: No--the Congress should not step in the place of the free market. But the legislature should respond to problems and moving jobs overseas is a problem. You address problem by addressing the reasons why it is happening. In this case, jobs are moving overseas because of our taxation, regulation and litigation burdens. Change those and we will keep more jobs here.

Source: Interview with “Small Government Times” , Mar 6, 2007

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