John Cox on Budget & Economy

Republican Party Chair, Cook County (IL)


One of the original members of the Club for Growth

We need to do something different in 2008. Iím a long-time activist, just like you. Iím one of the original members of the Club for Growth. And thatís the Club for Growth--economic growth. Thatís what this country needs. Thatís what will provide a living for our children and a strong, secure nation.
Source: 2007 GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate , Sep 17, 2007

Anti-Hillary candidate cannot be a career politician

We need to nominate somebody who has a chance of winning, who is a perfect anti-Hillary. A businessman, not a career politician. If we nominate another career politician and they get up on that stage with Hillary, sheís going to beat Ďem to death with why they spent all that money, why they expanded government, why they didnít get anything done.

So, youíve got to ask yourself. Are we going to keep doing the same things over and over again? What did Einstein say, that insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result? Letís change what weíre doing. Letís get some real management expertise into the presidency. Letís move this country forward. Letís get integrity and competence back in the Republican Party.

Source: 2007 GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate , Sep 17, 2007

Rein in out-of-control spending and balance the budget

Q: In 2006, the US government spent $406 billion dollars of our money just on interest payments to the holders of the national debt--which is now $8.8 trillion. If elected, will you rein in this out-of-control spending and work hard to balance the budget COX: When I campaign, I see kids and I go up to them and I say, ďDid you know you are $30,000 in debt already?Ē And they look at me, and they say, ďWhatís debt?Ē Itís immoral to put our children in debt. The career politicians in Washington who have spent your money to get elected year after year continue to pile debt onto our children, and it canít continue at this rate. You know, weíve got a decent economy out there, 4.6% unemployment. The stock market is at 13,500. But people have a palpable fear of this crushing debt, and the idea that we are going to leave this to our children. It canít happen.
Source: 2007 GOP Values Voter Presidential Debate , Sep 17, 2007

Veto every federal budget that is not balanced, period

As president, I will veto every Federal budget that is not balanced. Period. Government spending is out of control. Special interests make it very difficult for career politicians who depend on them for re-election to cut spending. I will eliminate the Commerce and Education Departments, I will seek Line-Item Veto and Balanced Budget Amendments from Congress, and urge zero-based budgeting and sun setting to force a constant re-evaluation of government programs
Source: 2008 Presidential website, cox2008.com , Jul 2, 2007

Republicans have been spending money like liberals

Iíve seen a lot of things in Washington that I really donít like, said Cox, including what until the November 2006 election had been a nominally conservative Congress presided over by a nominally conservative and Republican president who together, however, have been spending money like liberals.
Source: John Kozoil, in ďThe CitizenĒ, Laconia, NH , Jun 11, 2007

Government runs deficit because they lack tough decisions

I run my businesses at a profit, not a deficit. The government runs a deficit because career politicians donít have the nerve to say no to special interest groups or to make the tough decisions necessary to balance the budget. Certainly, national emergencies like WWII happen & you may have to run a deficit temporarily to address that type of situation. If Congress wonít balance their budget, I will go over their heads to their bosses--the voters who elected them & who can kick them out of office.
Source: Interview with ďSmall Government TimesĒ , Mar 6, 2007

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