Kathleen Sebelius on Education

Democratic KS Governor

Protect and strengthen public schools after years of neglect

She came to office on a pledge to protect education and strengthen Kansas schools after too many years of neglect from the Kansas Legislature. And on public education, Governor Kathleen Sebelius has delivered.

Once an active PTA member whose two grown sons are products of Kansas public schools, Governor Sebelius has been an outspoken advocate for parents, teachers, and taxpayers - and for continuing Kansas' time-honored commitment to public education.

Source: Campaign website, www.ksgovernor.com, "Issues" Nov 7, 2006

Education First: Target additional $300M where most needed

My Education First plan will provide an additional $300 million to Kansas schools over the next three years. It's a responsible plan that targets additional resources to where they are most needed: teachers; early-education programs, including all-day kindergarten; and at-risk students who need our help to succeed. It invests $10 million in Smart Start programs across the state. Early learning programs are among the best investments we can make in the future.
Source: State of the State address to the Kansas Legislature Jan 12, 2004

Minimize the need for college tuition increases

It's critical that we do more to sustain our institutions of higher learning. Because of our difficult financial times, we have failed to keep a promise made to the state's colleges and universities to provide funding to retain key faculty and minimize the need for tuition increases. My proposal fulfills that promise.
Source: State of the State address to the Kansas Legislature Jan 12, 2004

Review district finances and bring efficiency

I propose we create a school audit team in the Division of the Budget to review district finances and help schools become more efficient. I expect these reviews, which have been successfully launched in Texas, Virginia, and a handful of other states, will provide that confidence to taxpayers and parents. I believe they'll help Kansas school districts streamline their management and business practices so that more dollars reach the classroom and fewer are spent on unnecessary layers of bureaucracy.
Source: State of the State address to the Kansas Legislature Jan 12, 2004

Pay teachers adequately and provide them with health care

In exchange for additional resources, we must also demand that school districts be good employers. We must demand that they adequately pay teachers and provide them with the health coverage that other public employees enjoy. We know that health insurance is a powerful recruitment and retention tool. Providing it to teachers will keep talent in Kansas classrooms.
Source: State of the State address to the Kansas Legislature Jan 12, 2004

Increase state funding instead of local property taxes

Sebelius called for increases in the base per-pupil state funding. "Legislative increases have not kept pace with inflation," she said, "which forces the school districts to fall back on local property taxes to finance their budget." The problem is those property taxes vary statewide & some school districts are receiving much more funding than others. "Quality education should not be an accident of geography," she said. "It should be funded at the state level."
Source: Kansas State eCollegian, "Sebelius Discusses Issues" Oct 7, 2002

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